Go Fly A Kite!


The kites were flying high in the blue skies while the green trees and a green shirted Phill cheered them on from below. This more or less describes the start of the events that took place on a Sunday afternoon in the spring of 2007 at Banpaku Park.

Phill's friend had brought a deluxe kite with her all the way from China and was ready to soar it. Little did the two pals know that their kite and dreams of freedom would soon come crashing down.

With the young and inexperienced Mr. Evans at the helm that gold fish kite decided to go home, diving like a bird of prey straight into a nearby pond.

The two chased after the kite before it blew further into the pond (despite having a string attached to it which they could easily pull on to reel in the wayward fish) and when they reached the pond they stopped to take pictures and enjoy the irony of a fish not wanting to fly, but preferring to swim.

That would be the last chuckle the two would have for some time. For in the running to the pond the string (which also got caught in a tree) became tangled up so terribly that it was able to cause Yuling's face to go from upside down frown (left) to super duper down frown (right).

Yes, all the chuckles stopped as they spent two hours trying to unwind the "precious string that can't be bought in the country of Japan". All to no avail though as the string and their nerves were never fully unwound.

The lesson to be learned here kids is that kites are stupid. Any toy that was around before electricity should probably have stayed there. When there's TV, video games, and the internet, beautiful Sunday afternoons in the springtime shouldn't be wasted at the park. They should be spent at home where everything is safe. Free of stress and free of string.


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