Sayanora Sandra

Sandra, one of my coworkers at Neyagawa NOVA, returned to her home in Melbourne Austraila on Tuesday March 19th, 2002. She had been working for NOVA for a year. She was a cool girl and I'm sure we'll all miss hearing her "Video Killed The Radio Star" and Tom Jones medlodies at karaoke.

This page here is just a reminder of how she spent her last few days is Osaka before going back.

On the Saturday before she left,
a small group of us went to eat Alex's curry which was quite tasty. The three teachers to the left here are all "from the land down under, where women roar and men thunder".

And of course there's no better way to say Sayonara then with a good session of karaoke. So on the Sunday before she left we gathered in mass and headed off to the best karaoke spot in the land (the one in kayashima because I can walk home after I'm finished even if the trains have stopped running and also the only one uncrowded enough to give us a large room). The following pictures are all from that sweet soulfull songtacular spectacle of a night.

Travis (left) is the "5 time, 5 time" karaoke champion who defeats all comers with his rendition of "The Star Wars Cantina" and "99 Luft Balloons" [in German]. And he's giving Mark (right) a friendly reminder not to test that championship gold lest he find him self face up while the ring's shaking from T's spinneroonie [if you're wondering what this is all about it's because you don't watch wrestling, but I forgive you].

Susan who doesn't claim to be full of Star Wars centered wit or to be able to sing in German, none the less will not let someone else do wrestling poses while she sits idly by. So she reminds us all that we're going to "feel the bang" and that a diamond (especially the variety that were mined in Dallas by a man named Page) cuts deep.

All the while I, myself (right) am reminding people they don't need any reservations to check into room 316 at the "Smack Down Hotel". I'm also reminding them that 2 Live Crew isn't around any more, but that there music is.

And as that goes on Colin "He Works Hard For The Money" Smith is raging against the dying of the light with a little "Anarchy In The U.K." [even though he's from the states and listens to Hip Hop, not Punk].

And of course there were a lot of other Sandra related memories that aren't on this page, but we remember them all the same. So until the next time we're in a karaoke booth, sayonara Sandra.



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