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The Texas Bulls (or whatever they're called) will play The Ohio State Buckeyes on September 9th, 2006 in Austin, Texas and one Mr. Phillip Evans and parents will be on hand for the viewing. You got it, Phill will return to the USA for the first two weeks in September this year. So if you want to see him, start making room in your schedule and anticipation in your heart. Also send an e-mail to Phill so he can do the same.

You can also read his schedual as far as he knows it by CLICKING HERE.

Now on with the rest of the show, which unfortunately for those about to read this, aint exactly must see TV.

Beer Gardens and Baseball are the only two things that make summer in Osaka bearable. Thus the Nishi Umeda crew got together to make thirsty gulping noises and play in the tall grass on the roof of the Hanshin Department store [outside of which Phill recently rocked atop a bridge].

There are two things you need to be a respected Scratch DJ in Osaka, Japan. First, the ability to scratch well well combining various types of tekno and hip hop. Secondly, the ability to talk rough while smoking cigarettes like you're promoting the things. Koji here has both of these skills and that's why he's the hottest thing no one reading this page has ever heard about. After reading this he'll be the hottest thing you have heard ABOUT, but never actually HEARD. Trust me on that.

Koji told us the only thing essential for guys who chose to rock the mic instead of scratching is to pose like you're moderately happy and slightly confused. Mission accomplished by Phill and Steve. WHAT?!?! [this WHAT was typed with the implied intonation of "look at me now". If you can't imagine what that may sound like give Phill a call and he'll clear that up for you in a hurry. WHAT?!?!?!]

Yes, I realize pictures like this are stretching it as far as being interesting to other people, but I had to put some kinda picture on this page to add spice to the news of my trip home. You could always hold your hand over the images and just read the text on the page if they're bothering you.

That's all for now, but Phill will update the site with more specific travel info to the states once he has it. He'll only be in Texas from the 8th - 10th, the rest of the time he'll be in Ohio unless he gets a chance to visit North Carolina for a day or so. More as it comes in folks.


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