Ash & Old Man's Cave

In October of 2002 myself and two of my friends headed to the South Eastern part of Ohio to visit Old Man's Cave and Ash Cave. I go to Old Man's Cave every year in the fall when the area is the most beautiful with it's autumn colors and comfortable with it's cool weather (perfect for going on a hike).

Click Here to visit the Hocking Hills (Old Man's Cave area) website which is one of the worst web sites in the entire world.

(On the left) is a picture of Ash cave. In the bottom right hand corner of the picture [if you look very carefully] are some people, which gives you a good idea of the size of these caves.

(On the right) is a picture of one of my buddies with his hung head in defeat. He be me $10 that he could jump across the stream (highlighted in light blue). As his wet pants attest, he failed miserably.

All in all it was a good fun and a tradition I plan to continue once again next autumn.