Christmas 06

It's X-Mas and we're foreign. Time to put on a Santa outfit and pretend that you like it. Who cares if you're Jewish or Muslim or whatever. Put the hat on and sing some damn Christmas carols freak show!

Young Mr. Evans was having a bad hair day though, so he didn't protest.

Another person who didn't protest is the young lady here who received Phill's random Christmas gift. Phill made the mistake of thinking someone he knew would get the present he bought, so when in Kobe he picked up this handsomely carved naked man statue imported from somewhere in Africa. Instead of one of his coworkers opening it and going "Oh, Phiiiiiilll!" and nodding their head in acknowledgement of their being had, this lady opened it up and very kindly pretended to like it. It wasn't as funny that way, but at least her kindness saved Phill from crying in shame.

Phill got some incense from his bosses boss. It was every bit as moving as the wearing a hat thing.

One thing that was great though was the X-Mas party with the kids. The kids rule and so did the party. There's some X-Mas spirit for ya.

And karaoke with three punk rock people that you don't know is also X-Mas spirit. So Phill's spirit cup overfloweth-ed.

Another cool thing was going to Arashiyama to see some lights. Arashiyama is in the mountains surrounding Kyoto and very pretty. Lights are also pretty. Pretty plus pretty equals (believe it or not) pretty. So it was a pretty night.

A pretty night except for the light up ash colored baby fetus that was stapled to the bottom of this black feathery thing. YME wasn't ever an art major, so he can't be sure, but he thought this thing really sucked and didn't add much to the overall ambiance of the event.

This large X-Mas tree and lights in Phill's neighborhood did up the ambiance ante though. A view was enjoyed, picture was taken, and via web site a moment was shared. After all, Tis The Season.

It's also the season to meet people you worked with at Senri Chuo. Oh, you never worked at Senri Chuo? Maybe that's why Phill didn't see you at the party. It was all you can eat and all you can drink too. Bet you wish you HAD worked at Senri Chuo now. Merry Christmas anyway.


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