One Final Month At 22

On June 24th, 2003 I will turn 23 years old. So before then I realized that you're only 22 once and it'd be best if I enjoyed my last month at 22 as best I could. The following are a few of the things I did to help myself enjoy that time.

I returned to Hocking Hills which I wrote about before on this page. This was my first time though to visit it in the summer [I usually visit in the autumn so I can enjoy the colored leaves]. The water falls were rushing faster and the streams were much higher in the summer and I kicked off my shoes and enjoyed the feel of Old Man River rushing between my toes.

I also took a hike at Conkle's Hollow which is a part of Hocking Hills I'd never seen before. I hiked along the rim trail and enjoyed over looking the scenic valley below.

However, such a journey was not without peril...

When I began my hike along the trail I saw a sign (at left) that said "Falls from the Rim Trail have resulted in serious injuries and even death." As I looked out across the open valley and beautifully scenic vistas I thought "man I hope I don't fall, because this wouldn't be worth it at all".

So instead of falling off the Rim Trail to my certain death, I decided to slide down some water slides at Wyandot Lake to my certain excitement. It was a freezing cold day to be at a water park, but I enjoyed it none the less, pneumonia and all.

I also went to see the Columbus Clippers (a minor league baseball team) play a game. It was my first time in about 10 years to see a game at that stadium.

I also went to see the outdoor drama Blue Jacket (stage pictured at right) in Xenia, Ohio.

After the show I hung out with Caesar (my favorite character in the play).

After watching all the fighting in Blue Jacket I was pretty riled up and ready to make a little war of my own. So I headed to The Dude Ranch and played my very first round of paintball. That's me on the right all ready to whip ass and take names.

Unfortunately I whipped no ass nor took any names. All I got was a big bloody welt on my arm (at left) and some tears in my eyes.

I did also get to ride an ATV for the first time afterwards though. So that helped ease my pain temporarily.

All in all, despite the paintball pain and the freezing depths of Wyandot Lake, I'd have to say my last month of being 22 years old was a good one. I can only hope that my first month at 23 will be half as good.