June In The States

In June of 2008 the young Mr. Evans headed back to the states on a business trip with a little visit home before that. Waiting for him in Ohio were some lovely ladies, Yaku (left), his Mom and his Aunt (right).

Phill was able to enjoy time with family back in Mansfield, Ohio and also enjoy his parents place in Powell.

Speaking of parents, Dad was there too and Phill and him went to the driving range so that Phill could donate some balls to the forest. As a reward he was taken to his father's favorite new place for breakfast and it was a taste sensation all up and down Phill's mouth.

American breakfast isn't the only thing Phill misses in Japan. Pie. Pie is missed. Any trip back to the states is going to see Phill finding away to get some pie into his mouth. A trip to the cereal aisle is always nice. So many choices, so little suitcase space.

Of course no trip back is complete without a chance to meet friends. Phill managed to meet some this time that he missed in the winter. He also made it over to the arts festival which had ridiculous things like this car (right).

The arts festival was held on a beautiful day. By beautiful I of course mean hot as hell. In fact Phill had to escape to the Thurber House for a tour just to get out of the blazing sun. Nothing more to write about that, so just enjoy the pretty picture that was taken of the Columbus skyline from CCAD.

Of course the weather wasn't the only thing hot that day. There was a BBQ over at Walker's house just a few blocks away from the arts festival and Phill was able to meet up with a bunch of friends all at once there. More important than meeting friends though was eating cotton candy. There was a cotton candy machine at the party! A cotton candy machine that makes cotton candy! Cotton candy that you can EAT!!!

Phill ate said cotton candy.

Of course Phill's company wasn't going to pay for his trip to the states without putting him to work. So after 4 days in Ohio Phill had to spend 4 days in the state up north. Phill went to a bowling ball company there [that's what line of work Phill is in now] and over 3 days of meetings took meeting notes and attempted to translate as best he could from Japanese to English and vice versa.

Fortunately it wasn't all work though. Every night there was delicious food and drinks. There was also a tour of the area which included a trip to one of the beautiful Great Lakes and as much shopping as a person who doesn't like shopping could ever hope for.

Perhaps one of the best things was the first night there were one of the Americans had us over to his house and fed us home made ribs and pizza as well as gave us all a ride on his chopper.

That put a smile on all of our faces. The proof is right to the right of these words. The smiles may be hard to make out, but that's a happy team from Japan to be sure.


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