Hanshin August 2006

On Friday August 25th 2006, Phill got offered 4 last minute tickets to see the Hanshin Tigers take on their arch rivals the Yomuri Giants for $10 a pop. Phill bought 2 of those tickets and then since nobody bought the other two had 4 seats to share amongst 2 people. Those seats were also in the first row so there was lots of leg room to be had and plenty of space to set down his beer and curry.

One of the reasons Japan rules (and why baseball is MUCH better in Japan than in America) is that you can bring your own drinks and food into the stadium and by doing so not have to pay for the ridiculously over priced stadium concessions. A new thing this year at the Hanshin games though is no bottles or cans being brought in. So you might think, "well then silly Philly, it appears Japan doesn't rule as much as you thought it did". Feel free to think that all you want while I shake my head knowingly and snicker to myself. Because when you show up at the stadium with your beers or bottled sodas, the people there are all prepared with large paper cups and carrying trays for you. They pour all your drinks for you, slip them in the tray, and then wish you merrily on your way. Watch out though, if you do sneak a bottle or can by them you'll be forced to feel guilt and shame by these two guys with snappy green vests and a large sign that says "no cans, no bottles". I don't know whether or not they'd actually take anything away from you, but really, the shame should do the trick.


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