The Amish are a religious group that came to America to escape religious persecution in Europe. They now live mainly in the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio. They don't use electricity and are usually farmers or craftsmen. Instead of cars they usually travel in horse drawn buggy's. For the most part the Amish live in America now the same way their ancestors did over 400 years ago.

At the end of September 2002 I went to Holmes County (where many of Ohio's Amish people live) with my family and enjoyed the fall colors and delicious Amish cooking.

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The Amish don't believe in graven images (i.e. they don't like to have pictures of their faces taken) so I didn't take any pictures of Amish people for this page. The two pictures above are from postcards that I bought while in Holmes County.

I went to Holmes County with my mother, aunt, grandmother, and father. This picture was taken in front of my grandmother's home in Mansfield, Ohio (about a 1 hour drive from Columbus).

Visiting the Amish areas of Ohio was fun for a change of pace. However, the best part of the day had nothing to do with the Amish at all. The best part was when we got Root Beet Floats (pictured on the left). A Root Beer Float is made when you put a scoop of ice cream into a glass of root beer which you then can both drink and eat. Root Beer Floats use to be more popular in America and were served at drive up restaurants where you order and are served from the comfort of your own car. They waitresses come out and clip a tray onto your car window and that's how your food is served (pictured on the left).