On Thursday May 1st, 2003 a friend and I
went camping at Mohican State Park in
northern Ohio. We started the day visiting
the all earth Pleasant Hill Dam [picture on
the left] and after that we went for a hike
in the woods [pictured on the right]. After
that we went on a 2 hour canoe trip which
covered about 7 miles of a small country
river. After that we bought some drinks
and firewood and headed to our campsite
for the evening.

We played games, set up the
tent, and cooked hot dogs &
smores (graham crackers,
chocolate, and marshmallow)
over an open fire until about

I had planned on spending the night [thus the tent], however around 9:30pm a fairly large thunderstorm came in and quickly made the idea of sleeping in that 20 year old tent very unappealing. So I packed up my car and headed home. None the less it was a good day and harmony with nature was achieved (aside from all that raining anyway).