Journal entries
about things
I've seen or done in both
Ohio & Osaka.
My hobbies and
interests in Osaka and Ohio
explained as well
as links to other
related pages.
Pictures are placed throughout
this web page, but this section has more detailed photos.
December 2nd, 09

The Summer in the States was nice. How would Phill's Autumn in Japan pan out? Breathless with excitement? On pins and needles to find out? Well click here and stop poking yourself.
August 1st, 09

While Phill is back in the US for the summer he is making a webpage for his students in Japan to do homework from. You may not need the study, but you may need the fun.

April 8th, 09

Well it has been a while. Will the first update of 2009 live up the hype? Absolutely. After all, there was no hype what-so-ever regarding this update. Expectations; I like em low.
July 27th, 08

What better way to spend Sea Day (or the day before Sea Day) than by the sea? The young Mr. Evans did just that with a trip to Naoshima. Check out all the action HERE.

In Japan

Phill was
back in the
US for a
couple weeks
but is now
back in
Japan and
ready to
get down
with not only
his bad self,
but your
bad self too.
hit him up.