Here are a few random pictures from some of the places I've traveled and lived. Click on the pictures to get larger, more detailed versions of the pictures. For even higher quality versions of these pictures e-mail

And if these nice quality pics aint your bag, you can always check out the Low-Fi Cell Phone Picture Gallery for more magic moments.

A picture of me
pouring some water
on a Buddha's head.

The crown jewel of Senbayashi
was this Hanshin resteraunt
where ate I twice a week.

Catch the floating plastic
balls and throw them into
the pigs mouth to win a prize.

Hanging with a street
performer in Cape Town,
South Africa.

Hanshin Kabuki Man
at Koshien Stadium for game
5 of the 2003 Japan Series.

Wheelin & Dealin on
an ATV down in Southern

Me at the bridge from
the film "Big Bird Goes
To Japan" in Kyoto.

Another picture
of me and the infamous

Yakuza (my cat) checking
herself out in the mirror.

Hanging with a Sumo.

Takachiho Gorge in
Me and a Samurai guard
in front of Kumamoto
castle in Kyushu.




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