As the title of the page may suggest, this space is dedicated to my interests while in Japan. I've written a brief outline of those things which have caught my attention over here and provided some related links as well. If there's something about any of these interests that you would like to know more about feel free to write e-mail me your question (I probably wont answer your question, but at least you'll have asked it).


The Hanshin Tigers are my favorite Japanese baseball team. Their fans are crazy and so is their teams history (i.e. "The Curse Of Colonel Sanders").

Toyotomi Hideyoshi was born the son of a peasant farmer and went on to unify Japan after over a century of war and chaos. A rags to riches story with a lot of ass kicking throughout.

Japanese Pop Music is something that I've enjoyed since my first visit to Japan in 1998. This page gives a little info about what I am listening to here in Japan as of February 2002.

Gloomy is not recomended for everyone. If seeing a pink cartoon bear maul people to death isn't your idea of humor, then this site isn't for you. I for one though can't think of anything that would be better. So for all those out there with a pention for dark humor, this site's for you.

Susan Fujiki was my former boss and is still someone whom I watch wrestling with from time to time. She's made her first webpage now which has some history about Neyagawa (which is the city I teach in).

Alex "The Fun" Gunn was a nickname no one has ever called this man until now. None the less, we were coworkers before and his homepage is just that, F-U-N. It's got lots of cool pictures and insights and if you're any kind of respectable human being you'll do yourself a favor and give it a gander ASAP!


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