Cell Phone Picture Gallery

It seems you never have a camera when you need one. But now that I've got a cellphone here in Japan, I've always got a way to capture some sort of image, although the 4kb size of the pictures is certain to make the pictures close to useless. Instead of letting them go to waste though I've decided to start a cell phone picture gallery right here for everyone to enjoy those spur of the moment, once in a life time, glimpses of memory.

Me & one of my
coworkers at
A tortise at
Kaiyukan in
Jellyfish at
Kaiyukan in
Anyone every claiming
that their "stuff" don't
stink may not be lying
anymore. These pills
claim to do just that.

Look, I'm a
big strawberry.
What's up
with that?

and cigarettes
in an ashtray
at karaoke and
don't ask why.
Me and Energy Dai,
the best DJ in Osaka,
perhaps the best in
Japan. 3 decks at one
time and then some.
Why did my
mother bring a clown
nose with her to
Japan? No, I'm asking,
I don't know.

Is this salary man
REALLY sleeping or
just trying to sneak
a peek at what my
coworker's working with?

Here's me with
the homeless man
that kept telling
me how cute I was.
Yes, this is what
it looks like. A goat
eating holes in my
shirt at a pet shop
in Osaka.
At this festival you
walk through the
circles for good luck
and then they're
burned. I dunno.

This is a picture
of a man cross
dressing in traditional
Japanese clothing
and me.

Here's a picture
of me and two
of my coworkers
who are both back
in Canada now.



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