Back In Ohio In September 2006

This is Phill's schedual for his trip back home as best as he knows it:

4:09pm September 1st - Arrive at Port Columbus Intl Airport
3:30pm September 2nd - Watch OSU vs. Northern Illinois game live
Sometime between the 3rd and 8th - Go to North Carolina to visit brother and family for a day or two
September 8th - Fly to Texas to watch the OSU vs. Texas game
September 10th - Fly back to Columbus by evening at the latest
12:00 Noon September 16th - Watch OSU vs. Cincinatti game either live or on TV
1:29pm September 17th - Fly out of Port Columbus Intl Airport and back to Osaka, Japan.

There are lots of people Phill will be trying to meet and greet during his time back as well as getting his driver's liscence again and things of that nature. If you are interested in meeting him check the above scedual and start setting aside some time to do that. If you have any further questions just e-mail Phill at:


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