Week 5

What's That?!

Take a look at the picture to the left. Can you guess what it is?

(answer at bottom of this page)

This Week's Summary

If you take a look at the Week 4 page you can see the trip that Phill recently took all along the East Coast. On that trip he got to visit New York, New Jersey & North Carolina as well as many family and friends. Although Phill still had to work in the evenings he was able to enjoy a bit of vacation as well.

This Week's Pictures

There were two super cute kids at my friend's place in New Jersey. Spring Lake is on the Jersey Shore and Phill and friends enjoyed an entire day there. In North Carolina Phill attended a concert on a golf course with his nephew and niece.

Phill's nephew beat him in Buckopoly, which is an Ohio themed version of Monopoly. The kid may be young, but he knows his money.

Phill on the other hand knows his Bloody Mary's and the one he had in Lambertville, NJ was the best one he's ever had. It came with a huge chunk of pepper jack cheese and a shrimp on top.

Phill's niece loves chocolate chip pancakes. Everyone loves reading, especially in a car when there's nothing else to do. Fresh fish and white wine on the Jersey Shore with a good group of friends.

What's That?! (Answer)


So what did you guess the thing at the top of the page was? The correct answer: A sense depravation chamber. This chamber is filled with body temperature water which has a high concentration of salt (like the Dead Sea) so you get into it and float. Then you close the sound proof door and you can't hear or see anything (you can't feel or smell much either). It's a pretty strange sensation!

Left: The chamber was kept in the basement of one of my friend's homes.

Right: This is what the chamber looks like from the outside with the door closed.


This Week's Homework

Going into a sense depravation chamber was one of the strangest experiences of Phill's life. How about you? What was one of the strangest experiences of your life? Write about it.