Week 4

This Week's Summary

This week Phill is on the road. He is traveling all week long and still working for his company at night, so he's busy busy busy. His trip is as follows:

Drive from Columbus, Ohio to Lambertville, New Jersey (about 9 hours).
Drive from Lambertville, New Jersey to Clayton, North Carolina (about 8 hours).
Drive from Clayton, North Carolina to Greensboro, North Carolina (about 1 hour).
Drive from Greensboro, North Carolina to Columbus, Ohio (about 7 1/2 hours).

That's a lot of driving. Take a look at it on a map.

This Week's Homework

Phill is currently on the longest road trip of the year for him. How about you? What's the longest road trip you ever took? Did you drive or did someone else? What was the most memorable stop along the way? Write about it!