Week 8

This Week's Quiz

The picture on the left is of Phill at his University's Football Stadium. It is only used for his University's team, not for any professional teams. Looking at the picture can you guess how many people that stadium seats?

(answer at bottom of this page)

This Week's Summary

It is almost the best time of the year. No, not Christmas or my birthday or even time for cherry blossoms. No dear friends, it is almost time for the start of football season! As many of you know Phill is a big Hanshin Tigers fan (look, he's even wearing a Tigers hat in the picture above), but his love for the Tigers pales in comparison to his passion for football. In fact he likes football more than any other sport... ever. Even more than Golf, Miniature Gold & Frisbee Golf, all of which he's basically a pro at.

Golf Miniature Golf Frisbee Golf

Phill is looking forward to this years football season that he even visited two other University's stadiums on his way home from a business trip this month.

Left: Bowling Green

Right: Michigan (Ohio State's rivals)

Quiz Answer

The stadium has a capacity of 102,329 people. Even more people have crammed inside though to watch some of the bigger games. With such a large stadium it's obvious that Phill isn't the only one crazy about football.

This Week's Homework

Phill looks forward to football every year. It's his favorite sport. How about you? What's your favorite sport to play or watch? Why are you so crazy about it? Write your answer out.