Week 7

This Week's Summary

Phill has company for the past week, so he couldn't update his webpage. The updates are starting up (once a week) again now though. So enjoy!

In the past couple weeks Phill has been enjoying lots of festivals. He went to festivals like the Dublin Irish Festival, The Ohio State Fair, Concerts In The Park and Gallery Hop. Take a look at some of the pictures from those events below.

This Week's Pictures

The entrance gate to the Dublin (Ohio) Irish Festival. The Irish festival was packed with all different types of live performances like the concert shown above. At the Ohio State Fair they had a freak show. This picture shows a clown and a midget who can swallow fire.

At the Irish Festival they had some weird sport where people threw heavy rocks over a very tall pole (left).

Phill enjoyed the Sky Ride at the Fair (right) which gave you a good view of all the food and stalls below.

There were all types of animals at the fair. From zebras to monkeys to rabbits and beyond. One of Phill's favorite things at the fair (aside from the food) is the giant slide which has been there for the past 40 years. One of his other favorite things is the giant cow made out of butter!

This Week's Homework

Phill has been enjoying all of the festivals he can make it out to this summer. So far he'd have to say that the Frog Jump Festival was the best, but he's really looking forward to the Renaissance fair as well. How about you? What was the last festival you really enjoyed or the next festival you're looking forward to? Write about it (IN ENGLISH!).