Week 3

Vocabulary Test

What is this delicious golden brown food call in English?

(answer at bottom of this page)

This Week's Summary

This week Phill didn't go anywhere special or have any big plans. This week was more like what a normal week in America is like for him. He worked, ate, slept and met friends just like he would any other week of the year.
Because he had such a routine week, Phill was able to notice some of the differences between Osaka and Ohio. Of course Phill loves them both, but while he's back in Ohio he wants to make sure he enjoys all the things he can't get in Osaka. Some of those things include, REAL American breakfast foods (NOT 朝マック), lots of beautiful trees and wide open spaces as well as a huge sky that seems to go on forever.

This Week's Pictures

Phill at the driving range. Some delicious American breakfast food. The huge sky over the driving range.

This Week's Homework

Even more than all of the fresh air and luscious green trees, Phill probably misses American breakfast foods the most when he's living in Osaka. How about you? If you went to live in a foreign country what do you think you would miss the most from Japan and why? Please write your answer out.

Vocabulary Test Answer -----------------------------> Pancakes

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