Week 2

Vocabulary Test

テレビゲーム is Japanese English. What's the correct English?

(answer at bottom of this page)

This Week's Summary

This week Phill did a lot of fun things, but perhaps one of the best was enjoy an old tradition with one of his closest friends. Over 10 years ago Phill started playing the Tomb Raider series with his friend. They would always stay up late, eat pizza and drink Mountain Dew. They would always play the game together (never alone) and always in a dark basement until they could no longer stay awake. Mountain Dew is an American drink with a lot of caffeine to help keep them awake. This week Phill and his friend bought the newest installment to the Tomb Raider series and then played it for over 12 hours in one day!

This Week's Pictures

Phill, Friend, Game & Mt. Dew. Pizza. Playing the game all night in the basement.

A new addition to the tradition came when Phill's friend's girlfriend baked cookies for the guys. Definitely a nice addition to the tradition!

This Week's Homework

How about you? Do you have any traditions with your friends? How long has your tradition been going on for? What started it? Write one page (English only) about you and your tradition.

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