Week 10 (this is the last week)

This Week's Summary

Phill enjoyed two things over the past week. He enjoyed a tailgate and a renaissance festival. Question: What do you think the words "tailgate" and "renaissance" mean? Answer: Read below.


A tailgate is the back gate/door of a truck. This can be lowered to make loading things into the bed of the truck easier. On football Saturdays these tailgates are turned into tables for fans to put their food and drinks on. The fans gather in the parking lots around the football stadium and hold a party before and after the game. They eat, drink, throw the ball around and play cornhole. It's a very American tradition.



We opened the trunks of two of our cars and then set up a tent and a portable grill. We had cookies, drinks, good company and food to get ready for the game. Some people have huge buses complete with flat screen TVs on the side of them to watch other games before and after ours.

Our breakfast consisted of pancakes, eggs, beer and as shown above, hashbrowns and sausage. As hot air balloons soared above port-a-pottys, we put our cornhole skills to the test. Chips and home made nacho dip took our tailgate to the next level.

This was just one of the many vehicles decked out in our teams colors. The fans began to crowd into the stadium. My view of the field looked like this.

As shown on the sign to the left, 105,092 people attended the game. The game was against the U.S. NAVY Academy and many of the NAVY fans wore their uniforms to cheer on their team. After the game the saluted the flag as it was taken down (right).


The Renaissance was a cultural movement that took place throughout Europe in the 14th ~ 17th centuries. In America renaissance festivals are held and Americans dress up like English, Scottish and Irish people from 400 years ago. They pretend to be knights, princesses, kings, pirates, wizards etc. It has a lot of the same elements as Cosplay does in Japan and suffers a lot of the same ridicule. Ohio has a large renaissance festival ever autumn and whenever Phill is home for it his mother and him attend. This year was no exception. [For more info on the Ohio Renaissance Festival CLICK HERE]

Here's one example of people in costume. Camel rides anyone? These guys performed a show in mud!

This guy could juggle fire, balance on his head and make the crowd laugh at more than just his goofy pants. Both Phill and his friend were impressed by this large turkey leg. Ferries!!!!!!!!!!!

Final Week's Homework

This week Phill did some "very American things". In your opinion what are some "very Japanese things"? If you want to write about another country that's fine too. How about "very Canadian things" or "very Korean things"? Pick whichever country you'd like!

Remember this is the last update to this webpage. I hope it's been helpful in keeping you up on your English over the summer. If there are anything on here that you want to discuss with Phill please prepare your homework and discussion points for your first lesson with Phill. Look forward to seeing you soon!