Week 1

Vocabulary Test

What are these called in English?

A.) Firecrackers
B.) Fireworks
C.) Fire Flowers
D.) Fire Rockets

(answer at bottom of this page)

This Week's Summary

Phill's first week back in the U.S. was just in time for America's birthday, the 4th of July. He celebrated it with family, friends and lots of food. He ate, drank and laughed too much, but certainly enjoyed himself.

This Week's Pictures

Phill & his dad. Phill & his mom. The Columbus, Ohio skyline.

One of the first night's Phill was back his friends had a BBQ at their house. The grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. They also had tons of other food like potato salad, pasta salad, fresh fruit, cupcakes, taco dip and lots of salsa.

In honor of Michael Jackson's recent passing they listened to his music all night long. They also played an Ohio game called Cornhole (pictures below).

4th of July cookies. Cornhole. 4th of July BBQ.

Left: Buffalo Wings.

Right: Phill blowing bubbles with his friends daughter at their 4th of July BBQ.

This Week's Homework

Take a look at the picture below. It was taken at a festival in Ohio. What kind of festival do you think it is? Write a short description of what you think the festival is AND why you think people celebrate it. You can save your homework and show it to Phill when he gets back to Japan in September.

Vocabulary Test Answer -----------------------------> B.) Fireworks

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